Arpenteur is an open source (some third-party librairies are not free) Java library and tools for image processing, photogrammetry and modelling. Most of the packages are intended for general purpose while some tools are adapted to underwater imaging. It is the fruit of many interdisciplinary projects done at LSIS laboratory, umr CNRS 7296, in Aix-Marseille University and its partners during the past twenty years.
The core of Arpenteur is written from scratch using object oriented programming structure and benifiting from java language strong features. In addition, many modern libraries and wrappers are integrated to provide high performance and appealing visualizing interfaces.
Latest version contains image processing routines, camera modelling calibration and distortion correction tools, ontologies framework for model representation and querying, image features detection and matching, 3D reconstruction, visual odometry, 3D visualizing, measuring, and editing tools.
Nowadays, Arpenteur is widely uses by photogrammetry, archeology and oceanology communities. The undergoing research projects provide constant improvements and developments of new features.


Pierre Drap

Amine Mahiddine
Anne Durand
Bilal Hijazi
Christophe Riedenger
Elise Meyer
Emilien Royer
Gilles Gaillard
Hakim Boulaassal
Jean-Philip Royer
Jérôme Pasquet
Julien Lefèvre
Julien Seinturier
Kenneth Edmundson
Mauro Saccone
Motasem Nawaf
Omar Al Khali
Patrick Capron
Pierrick Gerenton
Yaaqoub Semlali