Some useful small appication around photogrammetry and ontology

Agisoft MetaShape to Reality Capture
Exporting Undistorted Photograph from Agisoft MetaShape software

A small script to export undistorted photographs numbered in the same way they appear on the list.
This is useful when you use Bundler export for cameras orientation. In this case you will obtain the undistorted photographs with the correct name i.e. the one used in the Bundler.out file.
Used for example to export a model From Agisoft Metashape to Reality Capture.
Author Pierre Drap, < download here >

Exporting Agisoft Model in ABOX Arpenteur ontology

A script to export Agisoft Metashape model (the active chunk) to an ABOX of Arpenteur ontology which describe all the concepts and values used in Agisoft. Agisoft Metashape concepts are translated into Arpenteur concepts and formalized in OWL.
Authors Mohamed Ben Ellefi, Pierre Drap, < download here >

Ontology Editor

This project is a contribution to Imareculture EU project. In the framework of underwater archaeology the photogrammetric survey is driven by ontologies and the measured artefact are managed through and ontology. This application, written in JAVA using owlapi allow seeing the resulting ABox in a simple way and give an access to all the artifact properties.
This ontology editor was developed for in the framework of underwater archaeology but can be used for all type of ontologies managing a set of assertional axioms (ABox).
Authors Yaaqoub Semlali , Pierre Drap, < download here >